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Managing the Sub-Fertile Stallion





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How to best store BotuSemen Gold?

Ensure proper storage conditions for optimal quality of BotuSemen Gold. Avoid high temperatures exceeding 35°C. For the safest storage; place BotuSemen Gold in the refrigerator. When preparing the solution, allow the powder to fully dissolve in water (approximately 30...

Dont waste any product!

Sometimes, not all the solution is used.  Did you know that the BotuSemen extenders (all types) can be frozen after resuspension. An alternative is to safely store them refrigerated for up to three days. BotuCrio can be re-frozen once if the whole solution is not...


Equine Manual

To get the correct RPM

It is important to have the correct g-force and we advise you to use the equation to make sure it’s the recommended g-force for the centrifugation.

To achieve the correct g force:
RPM = √[g/(r × 1.118)] × 1 × 103

r = rotational radius, the distance (mm) from the centre of the rotor to the bottom of a centrifuge tube in the bucket when raised to horizontal position.

Put in your numbers and you will receive the desired RPM.