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For the Concentration of Stallion Sperm.

Concentration of stallion sperm is often needed for the sperm cryopreservation procedure. Cushioned centrifugation is the most common procedure used, but this process can cause deleterious effects, including reduction in sperm quality as well as loss of sperm numbers and agglutination. Low concentration samples are often low-quality samples and are more prone to agglutinate. That is why we have developed SpermFilter, a new technology designed to overcome these obstacles. SpermFilter is a more suitable option for these samples, helping to avoid sperm agglutination.

SpermFilter’s filter is made up by a hydrophilic synthetic membrane and has been proven highly efficient at concentrating stallion sperm. SpermFilter allows retrieval of almost all sperm from the original sample without causing any damage.

SpermFilter is one way to prepare valuable semen for cryopreservation.


SpermFilter can be used to prepare semen for EquiPure treatment. Concentrating the sperm prior to EquiPure treatment is needed when samples have low sperm concentration. SpermFilter is ideal in combination with EquiPure. Simply put, SpermFilter concentrates and EquiPure purifies.

SpermFilter is also ideal for the gentle treatment of poor-quality, low concentration semen samples. The SpermFilter-technique is especially useful with semen of poor quality, for separating sperm from seminal plasma, and/or extender, and for concentrating sperm for freezing and cooling or for EquiPure centrifugation to concentrate sperm for low doses of AI.

SpermFilter can be re-used up to 10 times for the same stallion after washing the filter.

SpermFilter is quick and easy to use, consisting of a one-step procedure that takes only minutes.

No additional equipment is needed. You need only the supplied Petri dish and SpermFilter.


SpermFilter’s filter is made up by a hydrophilic synthetic membrane.

Storage and Stability

Shelf-life: Re-usable, store at room temperature.

Precautions and warnings

Do not touch the membrane with sharp objects.


General recommendations




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