EquiPure – 100 ml

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Increasing the quality and viability of equine sperm.

EquiPure is a density gradient product designed to increase the quality and viability of equine sperm by separating the sperm by means of density centrifugation prior to insemination, freezing, IVF, or semen sexing. EquiPure not only eliminates a high proportion of the abnormal spermatozoa but also removes the source of reactive oxygen species, most bacteria, and many viruses (EAV). This significantly increases sperm survival and their fertilizing potential. Nidacon’s EquiPure is used by breeders, animal reproduction scientists, and veterinarians all over the world.


Improves fertility rates, especially in sub-fertile stallions

Improves freezability of equine sperm

Removes bacteria and other unwanted components from raw ejaculates or inseminating doses.

Removes Equine Arteritis Virus (EAV) particles

Studies performed on the hygienic aspects of semen storage for AI demonstrate that the addition of antibiotics to extenders is often not enough to eliminate the detrimental influence of bacteria on sperm motility, viability and fertility. EquiPure centrifugation prior to freezing removes bacteria and many viruses (EAV).


Silane-coated silica, Potassium chloride, Sodium chloride, Purified water, HEPES, EDTA, Glucose, Calcium lactate, Sodium pyruvate

Storage and Stability

Store unopened bottles at 2 to 40ºC and avoid temperatures above or below these values. Under these conditions EquiPure has a shelf-life of 24 months. The expiry date is shown on both bottles and cartons. Open and close bottles under aseptic conditions. After opening,
store at 2 to 8ºC when not in use. Shelf-life on the product label applies when the product is stored according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

Precautions and warnings

• When retrieving the sperm pellet, follow the instructions given in the pack insert to avoid inadvertent contamination

• If available, use sealed buckets during centrifugation to avoid creation of aerosols

• Clean accidental spills using a dampened cloth or paper. EquiPure causes floors and benches to be extremely slippery

• EquiPure does not represent any kind of fire or combustion hazard. A material safety data sheet is available from the distributor or  manufacturer

• Do not use any solution which shows evidence of bacterial contamination or if stopper accidently comes in contact with unsterile surfaces

• Do not use contents if tamper-evident seal is broken

• Does not contain antibiotics, use aseptic procedures

General recommendations

If the sperm to be treated are already frozen, the thawed ejaculate needs to equilibrate for approximately 15 minutes in BotuSemen before centrifugation. This is necessary to allow the sperm to rehydrate and return to their correct density.


Safety Data Sheet – View PDF

Product insert (latest version) – View PDF

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