BoviPure 100 ml

Cat. No. BP-100 Category:

A product used for isolation and purification of bovine spermatozoa.

BoviPure is designed to be diluted with BoviDilute to desired concentrations in order to form either a one-layer- or a two-layer gradient for density centrifugation. The pellet retrieved after centrifugation contains only normal, purified spermatozoa.


Colloidal silica particles coated with silane, in an isotonic salt solution.

Unopened bottles have a shelf-life of 2 years.

pH of 7.4 – 8.0.

Terminally sterilised by autoclaving.

Bottles are made of borosilicate glass and silicone stoppers with tamper-evident seals.

Bottles and stoppers have been M.E.A. tested.


Silane-Coated Silica, Calcium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Sodium Chloride, purified water, HEPES, EDTA, Glucose

Storage and Stability

Store unopened bottles at between 2 – 40°C. Avoid temperatures above or below these values. When stored at these temperatures, BoviPure or BoviDilute have a shelf life of 2 years. The expiry date is shown on the labels.

Open and close bottles under aseptic conditions. After opening, store the bottles at between 2 – 8°C.

No antibiotics, unstable additives or preservatives have been added to BoviPure.

Precautions and warnings

When retrieving the sperm pellets, follow the instructions given in the product insert in order to avoid inadvertent re-contamination.

Use sealed buckets or centrifuge tubes during centrifugation to avoid the creation of aerosols.

Clean accidental spills with dampened cloth or paper. BoviPure can cause floors and bench tops to be slippery.

BoviPure is non-flammable and does not present a fire or combustion hazard. A material safety data sheet is available upon request.

General recommendations

To ensure best possible results, use aseptic conditions at all times.


Safety Data Sheet – View PDF

Product insert (latest version) – View PDF

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