BotuSemen Special 100 ml (Water included)

Cat. No. BTSSW-100 Category:

A Semen Extender based on skimmed milk with the addition of cholesterol.

Extender based on skimmed milk with the addition of cholesterol which maintains sperm plasma membrane stability during the cooling process. The addition of this essential lipid component makes BotuSemen Special ideal for pre-freezing centrifugation. BotuSemen Special is suitable for all stallions, especially for those with spermatozoa that are sensitive to cooled transport.

How to Prepare:

Add all the content of this packet to 100 mL of PureWater and shake very well.



Extend 1:1 (V/V) wait 15 minutes for insemination with no cooled semen.

Use dilutions of 30 to 50 million/ml for cooled transport. Extend 1:1 (v/v and wait 15 minutes for an insemination with non-cooled semen. In case of samples requiring centrifugation before cooled transport, resuspend the sperm at a rate of between 30 to 50 million/ml



Contains Penicillin K 1 g/l and Gentamicine 1 g/l.


Composition: Skimmed milk powder UHT sterilized, sugars, amino acids, antioxidants, cholesterol and excipients.

Storage and Stability

Shelf-life: Two years in powder form.

After mixing, the extender can be stored between 2-8°C for up to 3 days.

One year frozen after re-constitution in water.

Precautions and warnings


General recommendations

BotuSemen Special is highly recommended for prefreezing centrifugation and is suitable for spermatozoa with sensitivity to cooled transport.


Safety Data Sheet – View PDF

Product insert (latest version) – n/a

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