BotuSemen Gold 100 ml (Water included)

Cat. No. BTSGW-100 Category:

A casein-based Semen Extender with added cholesterol.

BotuSemen Gold is based on casein which in high concentrations contributes to a better protection during cooling and transportation, improving pregnancy rates. Milk casein phosphoproteins protect sperm cells from the action of seminal plasma proteins (HSP-1, HSP-2) and Ca++ ions, prolonging spermatic longevity and facilitating semen transport. Numerous research papers report that seminal samples diluted in casein present a higher rate of binding to the oocyte, improving pregnancy rates.

BotuSemen GOLD is suitable for all stallions, especially for those with need of better protection during cooling and transportation. BotuSemen Gold also provides a liquid translucent which makes visualization for cushion centrifugation easier.

How to Prepare:

Add all the content of this packet in 100 mL of sterile water and shake very well. Wait 30 minutes aiming to completely solving the casein.



A temperature of between 5°C or 15°C should be used for cooled semen transport as well as for pre-freezing centrifugation.

Use dilutions of 50 million/ml for cooled transport, adhering to the minimum of 2 parts of extender to 1 part of semen.

In case of samples requiring centrifugation before cooled transport, resuspend the spermatozoa at a rate of at least 100×106 sptz/mL. DO NOT exceed the appropriate concentrations of cholesterol.

It is important to adhere to the dilutions in the table below:

Spermatic Concentration                          Dilution (v:v)

< 90×106/mL                          1:1 Centrifuged Resuspended 100×106sptz/mL

90-120×106/mL                                                  2:1

130-160×106/mL                                                3:1

170-210×106/mL                                                4:1

220-250×106/mL                                                5:1

260-300×106/mL                                                6:1


Contains Penicillin K 1 g/l and Gentamicine 1 g/l.


Composition: Casein, sugars, amino acids, antioxidants, cholesterol and excipients.

Storage and Stability

Shelf-life: Two years in powder form.

After mixing, the extender can be stored between 2-8°C for up to 3 days.

Can be stored one year frozen after re-constitution in water.

Precautions and warnings


General recommendations

BotuSemen GOLD is suitable for all stallions, especially for those with suspected premature sperm capacitation.


Safety Data Sheet – View PDF

Product insert (latest version) – n/a

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